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A community for buying, selling, and trading plus-size clothes

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Plus-size clothes, BBW
I know from experience how difficult it is to find a place to buy and sell clothes in plus-sizes. I created this community in hopes of having another outlet to talk about fashion and accessories for plus-size (BBW, etc.) women. Feel free to post about any plus-size fashion-related questions, concerns, etc. and please start posting your clothes and such for buying, selling, and trading!

I am a part of other communities with a similar focus, and while I love and appreciate them for what they do, I am hoping to run this one as well. I think we lovely ladies can use all the resources we can get. I hope that you enjoy Buy_Plus_Size!

The nitty gritty:
*There are hardly any "rules"!
*Joining is open to anyone (so tell your friends!)
*If you are posting clothes, please only post them in plus sizes. The definition of that is rather liberal. In this case, in favor of inclusion I'd say anything from a size 14 and up. Other great things to post are accessories or shoes.
*The occasional promotion of other items you have for sale is fine by me. I want this to be a community of friends who can talk about clothes or other BBW issues. (And a place to celebrate being fabulous!) :o)
*Please note that any posts that are rude or incredibly offensive have the chance of being deleted. Otherwise, post-away!

**Update 1/18/11**
Because of continued issues with spamming, this community has gone to a moderated posting system. Please continue to post; approved posts will go up as quickly as possible.